kuddly VS. Oodie: Which Hoodie Blanket is the best?

So, you’ve probably heard of the Oodie–a massive jumper made from blanket material that’s super warm and comfortable. Sounds amazing, right?

Before you buy one, you might want to check out another brand that is making headlines as the best Hoodie Blanket available in the UK.

It’s called the kuddly Hoodie Blanket and many reviewers claim it’s the cosiest and best-quality on the market.

So let’s find out, once and for all, which one is truly better–the Oodie or the kuddly?

Size Matters

On their website, Oodie states that their hoodie blanket is longer than their competitors . . . by a whopping 30%. If this is true, it would mean their hoodie was more comfortable and warm, as it would cover more of the user’s body.

So, of course, we had to do some measurements.

Our team was shocked when, after measuring both, the kuddly Hoodie Blanket was clearly larger! It measured in at a winning 94cm! 

In fact, the Oodie was a whole 5cm shorter than the kuddly at only 89cm. That’s 9cm shorter than they report on their website!

Which is better quality?

Both the Oodie and kuddly websites claim to use the highest quality materials available. And while both Hooded Blankets are super cosy, only one can be truly the best.

The kuddly and the Oodie are both made with ultra-soft sherpa fleece lining, but, as you’ll see in the picture, our team agreed that the kuddly was fluffier, making for a softer blanket feel.

As for design, it was quite clear to our team that the kuddly was the winner. This is because of the clean trim which prevents sagging and peaking, no matter how many times it’s worn and washed.

That’s one more win for kuddly!

Which do customers prefer?

When it comes to reviews, the clear winner is yet again: kuddly. At the time of writing, kuddly’s Trustpilot rating is a glowing 4.8/5, whereas Oodie’s is 4.4.

Most customers who had bad things to say about the Oodie were upset about things like long shipping times and poor customer service. Some customers reported waiting as long as 10 weeks with no sign of their packages.

The Oodie Reviews:

In comparison, you can get a kuddly oversized hoodie blanket express delivered to your home for free! Additionally, kuddly has one of the best customer service teams we’ve encountered.

The kuddly reviews:

So, while there’s lots to love about both the Oodie and the kuddly Hoodie Blanket, unfortunately many Oodie customers have to wait a long time to love theirs. For that reason, kuddly is the winner of this round!

Which one is more affordable?

kuddly’s surging popularity and higher quality materials mean it is reasonably priced a bit higher than the Oodie is. The regular price for a kuddly Hoodie Blanket is £109, whereas the Oodie is £84.

However, kuddly is currently having a massive sale! For a limited time, you can get the best oversized hoodie blanket at only £49. And while the Oodie does have sales as well, we’ve never seen a better price than kuddly’s current one! 

kuddly: The UK’s #1 Hoodie Blanket

If you’re more of a visual person, take a look at this comparison chart of both companies’ features and benefits:

So, in conclusion, it’s clear to our team that the kuddly Hoodie Blanket is the best value for your money. Not only will you get the highest quality hooded blanket available, but you’ll also get it super quick and at the best price we’ve seen due to their current amazing sale!

But don’t wait—we don’t know how long kuddly’s current sale will last!

Our team loves kuddly. You won’t go wrong getting your blanket hoodie from them. And with free express delivery and a 30-day guarantee, there really is no reason not to try it.

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