Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

(For Crying out Loud, Get Some Sleep!)

January 20, 2020

For years we’ve preached the importance of getting proper sleep. We’ve warned you about the far-reaching effects of sleep deprivation. We’re here to remind you again:

Here are the Dangers of Sleep Deprivation:

Massive Risk of Heart Attack

There’s a study that shows that during Daylight Savings, after a LOSS OF JUST 1 HOUR OF SLEEP, acute heart attacks rise by 24%. Conversely in the fall, after one hour of sleep is regained, heart attacks are reduced by 21%.

Think about this the next time you catch yourself saying “I’m always tired”.

Accidents, Accidents, Accidents

Sleep Deprivation is highly suspected to be the main cause of the Exxon Valdez oil tanker spill, and the Space Shuttle Challenger accident.

Isn’t it crazy to think that every morning, when you’re barely awake, you’re navigating a 1500+ kilogram vehicle among other exhausted and impatient drivers?

FYI. In 2016 there were 181,384 accident casualties recorded on Britain’s roads; 1,792 of these were fatal.

Cancer Risk Increases – Weak Immune System

My cousin  was warned by her doctor that the sleep disruptions (caused by her shift work) were the source of her constant battles with colds and the flu.

She was advised to clean up her sleeping patterns (and lifestyle) in order to strengthen her (extremely weak) immune system. She refused.

Unfortunately she died of breast cancer at the age of 33. Was the cancer linked to her sleep deprivation? Studies show a strong link between a weakened immune system and sleep deprivation.


Some people are obsessed about being thin. Some people go their whole lives being depressed about being overweight. Some try everything to lose weight and fail. Are you one of those people?

While being overweight might be aesthetically unpleasing to some, there’s a more urgent problem. Being overweight is heavily linked with Type 2 diabetes. Trust me, if you have Type 2 diabetes (or are “pre diabetic”), you are on the road to a very slow, painful death.

And you guessed it…Sleep deprivation and low quality sleep are one of the major contributors to Diabetes and Weight Gain.

Whether you care about being thin, or being healthy (or both), “restorative” sleep will be your ally.

Have you ever had a migraine? Ask someone with migraine experience what that headache feels like. For some, migraines are so intolerable that its described as “It hurts so much I want to kill myself”.

Sleep experts rank “lack of sleep” as one of the main causes of migraines (or developing more frequent migraines).

Some consider sex the most pleasurable feeling that a human can experience.

Many relationships thrive because of a healthy sex life.

Many relationships fail due to a dysfunctional sexual relationship.

Decreased libido, lowered testosterone, erectile dysfunction, decreased vaginal lubing are all linked to a lack of “restorative” sleep.

2 of the most important and pleasurable things in life happen in bed. And we’ve found a way to ruin both.